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Since the present POA Board refuses to post their phone numbers or the Transcript of the December 7, 2013 Annual meeting.  The following information is all that we have at this time.  Please don't hesitate to call them and ask why they haven't posted the Transcript as yet, and any other questions you might have for them.


David Roden - Treasurer - (cell) 303-419-0725


We have cleared out a lot of old stuff from this web site.  However, don't panic, we have records of all of it and more.  If you have any questions, just contact us.  Also, keep checking the "Leagle Beagle" page.  We will be posting the lastest legal happenings as soon as we get the final judgement from the court.  It is in the process, but may take some time.


Posted February 22, 2016 - Final Court Judgement - Posted on the "Legal Beagle" Page.  (Upper Left Corner).



Instead they have DOUBLED the dues this year even though the Court Case has been evacuated and they still have over $135,000 in the coffers, and they claim they are going to maintain the roads, spray for weeds, clean culverts and borrow pits, and re-hang the street signs that have been knocked down.  (They have been claiming to do this for the last 4 years, and yet it still remains to be done.)  OH!! And don’t forget the snowplowing in the winter, which hasn’t been done in the last 4 years either!!  Now the MONEY that has been allotted in budget for all of the above for the last 4 years has disappeared and no accounting for any of the finances has been given or proven. 


The board would like you to believe that they have spent the money wisely, however, at close examination of the so-called 3000 pages of records given to the plaintiffs during the lawsuit, they show gross miss-appropriation of funds and more than $15,000 disappeared with no record of where it went.  (The money was there, and can be proved, but where did it go?)


They would also like you to believe that the extra money is needed to cover “Legal Fees” but again that is absolutely UNTRUE, those fees were covered by the insurance company.


SO WHY DID THEY DOUBLE THE YEARLY DUES (WITHOUT THE LEGAL VOTE OF THE MEMBERSHIP)?  YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS OURS – maybe they want more “travel expenses” and “meals” for their unannounced meetings!


Well – Property Owners – the only way that this gross negligence is ever going to stop is if ALL Property owners take a lot more interest in what the POA board is doing or should we say “NOT DOING” or they run out of money and the Association is dissolved.

Posted July 3, 2016

To the property owners at Turkey Ridge Ranch, Huerfano County, Colorado and to the Association Members of the Turkey Ridge Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc.


This web site – Sunrise Vistas – is paid for by private contribution and was intended for use by the property owners of Turkey Ridge Ranch.  We endeavored to keep it factual and informative to the owners.


This may be a “Farewell” so to speak as we don’t know how much longer we intend to keep up this service for you.


Recently, you all should have received a letter and copies of the Profit & Loss statement and the Balance sheet for time period ending April 30, 2016.  But just in case you haven’t received it, we have put it in a “document viewer” PDF format for your convenience.  Please take careful notice of the letter and those statements sent out by the Current POA Board of Directors.


The letter put out by the Board of Directors is astoundingly full of lies and misinformation they must have written it with a “cow pasture paddy” as their pen.


Now “the rest of the story”!  On this web site we have had the “Final Judgement” of the Court for the lawsuit brought against the “defendants” (POA Board) posted since February 2016 shortly after the Court made the final judgement.  You can read it for your own benefit.  It clearly states that the case was dismissed with prejudice, each party to pay his, hers, or its attorney’s fees and costs.    Neither the “defendants”, “plaintiffs”, nor even the “attorneys” won the case.  To try and understand how it all came to this end is not only “baffling” but could probably only be understood by another attorney that would review the case from beginning to end.  To put it as simply as possible, the lawsuit was brought against a POA board who as a board was misusing POA funds and not performing their duties required by law as a board of directors.  Somehow over the course of 3 years, the attorneys from both sides allowed to let the lawsuit turn into a personal vendetta against each board member individually which was never the case, even though certain board members played major parts in the wrong doings of the POA Board.


 Without trying to “re-hash” the case, it’s only important that some of the statements made in the recent letter from the POA board of directors dated May 12, 2016 be addressed.  And we will try to do that without going into great detail. 

  1. “Thousands of pages of documents” -  They were never available to the membership or even to the “Plaintiffs” until the day of the “depositions” of each of the plaintiffs.  There were several notebooks (approximately 3000 pages) on show at the depositions.  Each Plaintiff was provided with CD’s showing those 3000 pages about two weeks after the depositions were over for their review.
  2.  The primary and most repeated question presented to each of the “plaintiffs” was “did each plaintiff have particular evidence against each and every one of the defendants listed in the lawsuit “personally” as an individual action caused by each defendant against each plaintiff as a personal and individual attack”?  Of course the automatic answer was “No” because the lawsuit was against the board collectively not personally.  We were not allowed to make that a part of the record.
    1. The plaintiffs were promised that we would have our chance for depositions from the defendants at a later date and that after we had reviewed the CD of the 3000 pages of documentation, that we would have our “day in court”. 
    2. Depositions from the “defendants” never did happen and even though after many of us reviewed the CD of documents, and even though we provided our attorneys of more than 30 major discrepancies within those documents and copies of misappropriated and lost POA Association Funds, we were told that to go to “trial” would be a major expense involving several hundred thousands of dollars.
    3. Therefore, the Plaintiffs still didn’t get their “day in court.”  Had it actually gone to court as a jury trial, the winning party would be able to sue the losing party for the entire costs of the litigation. 
    4. The Plaintiff’s attorneys required a horrendous amount of “upfront” money to carry the case forward.  Essentially, even though we did have financial support from several property owners we did not have the funds needed to proceed further. 
  3. Currently, according to the letter from the POA Board, they received $30,000 from the Insurance company.
    1. WHERE is that money reflected in the “Profit and Loss” statement or the “Balance” sheet that they sent out?  
  4. WHY did the POA board raise the yearly dues to $200.00 per lot?
    1. There is NO justification for this to be done as required by the Bylaws and Covenants.
    2. With the figures that they present to the members on their Balance Statements, there is absolutely no need for that action.


In summary:  The “Lawsuit” was dismissed, however the POA Board of Directors are still continuing with their misappropriation of POA funds, failing to perform as an adequate and honest POA Board, and continuing to rob the POA.


You, as property owners and members of the association, have the responsibility to take action against this POA Board of Directors.  As long as you allow them to continue as “Board Members”, you will continue to be robbed of your dues and not enjoy your lawfully given benefits you should have.


Right now the Association has been robbed of:

  1.  $4000.00 for personal legal fees for Robert Wolf (former board president) for a gun altercation with another property owner in 2010.
  2. $11,000.00 paid to the association for land use by Lone Tree Energy & Assoc. LLC, and no trace of it in the records.
  3. $30,000.00 paid by insurance company over this lawsuit, and yet is not accounted for in the statements mailed out by them.


The CD of the 3000 documents show numerous times where directors were paid for mileage supposedly doing POA work.  Highly questionable – for example:  Check #1130 for 11 trips to Post Office  in the amount of $184.80 and Check #1133 for 8 more trips to the Post Office in the  amount of $134.40.  (FYI - His personal mail box is on the same wall at the Post Office.) Hmmmm!!


When is it going to STOP??  Only the members can put a stop to it!!